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Talent is the key to world-class healthcare organizations. Avery Professional Group is an independent healthcare recruiting firm led by Kevin Kirkpatrick that works with hospitals, clinics and private practices to recruit top medical talent in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

When screening for the best candidate, getting it right the first time is important. Our search campaigns are exhaustive due to a proactive approach, access to extensive resources and a refined list of the highest-performing physicians, nurses and healthcare leaders. It ensures I find the best candidate for every vacancy.


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Physician Recruitment

I match physicians with great locations and facilities for contracts and permanent placements.

Healthcare Leadership Recruitment

With real-time access to candidate data, I identify, engage and secure executive talent and leadership roles faster for your organization.

Clinical Recruitment

Using the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model, I work with your internal team to reel in the next great infusion of top-tier talent when needed.

Consultation Services

I examine your recruiting process, look for gaps, and identify areas for improvement to ensure your strategies are enhancing your ability to hire top talent—not holding you back.

Avery Professional helped us gain a strong workforce to help our community

Avery Professional Group

why work with me?

Recruitment is what I do best

With 18 years of experience, I deliver high-quality, transparent recruitment campaigns to discover the best talent for your role.

Ensure you choose the right people

I help you identify ideal candidates through best-practice screening methods, interviews, behavioural and skills testing, and pre-employment checks.

Strive to build strong relationships

Cultivating relationships with clients and candidates is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work and allows us both to get the most value out of our partnership.

Use advanced recruitment technology

I use streamlined candidate management software to ensure efficiency, transparency and effectiveness from application to hire.

Reduce the chances of a “bad hire”

Due to my extensive search capabilities and rigorous filtering process, I help minimize the risk of a “bad hire,” which can be disruptive and costly for your organization.

Increase employee retention

85% of placements remained with client for three to five years or more

my process

Providing exclusive services to my clients is something I strongly believe in. My process allows me to conduct thorough candidate searches, focusing on quality rather than speed. This leads to more suitable, relevant and productive hires.

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Avery Professional Group

Signed contract sent to recruitment, procurement and clinic director via docusign to update status with all parties.

Procurement to send contract to Clinic Director to review and approve, Finance Review and approve and then sent to IHP of review and signature

Procurement to send NDA to IHP

Recruitment/Clinic Director to advice Procurement of request to offer and terms

Avery Professional Group

Recruitment to verify license and criminal reference check

VP/Sonya to meet with

Clinic Director and Medical Director to Interview and conduct references

Recruitment to pre-screen and present to Clinic Director

Avery Professional Group Avery Professional Group

Once Approved it is posted to on breezy and external sites Locus.ca, CFP, HealthforceOntario, Indeed

Identify Need through annual succession plan or ongoing operations

Clinic Director to create CRF iD CRF sent to recruitment and enter into breezy (ATS) for approval

Avery Professional Group

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